Electric Fires & Stoves

Long gone are the poor visual effect from electric fires of old, the new wave of eco friendly & green fires are getting ever closer to the real thing. Electric fires offer a great alternative to where installations are hampered by lack of fluing or material hindrances.  Now available in ultra large & wide format dimensions with striking presence, electric fires have the visual impact along with reduced / no heat output should your energy efficient build not require this.  

Electric fires and stoves have the option to be built in, free standing or wall mounted with a number of choices on finish, frames and bench options. Making stunning media walls utilising electric fires simplifies the installation on risk of heat build up to the tv. Most electric fires will be capable of being built into / hung on a combustible material or wall, where as higher heat put gas / wood fire normally require much more costly non combustible materials to be used. 

If you're using a smart home device why not connect this to operate the fire too, lots of manufacturers now make options to connect to the likes of alexa, google home, lutron & control 4 systems, to name a few.