Danish wood and multi fire, bbq and pizza oven manufacturer. 

Morsø’s cast-iron stoves are timeless. Traditional. Efficient. Cosy. Many people have tried to produce stoves in cheaper, lighter materials but nobody has managed to make a wood-burning stove with the unique properties of a Morsø. BMF Creative Interiors can find the right Morsø for you, whether you are wanting a fire for those cosy nights in or Al Freso dining all year round with our stunning Morsø Living range

Morso Forno Pizza oven in use

Morso Forno Oven

The Morso Forno outdoor oven enables you to utilise your outdoor area all year round. Outdoor living has become much more popular in recent years and ...
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Morso Kamino outdoor garden heater

Morso Kamino + Grill Option

The Morso Kamino is an outdoor wood fired heater but can also be used for cooking light meals and snacks such as sausages, marshmallows  with the addi...
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